AboutBUTTER SWEET FARMS and SoapyGoat.com the producers of premium goat milk soap, is located in southwest Colorado in the four corners area (God’s country).

My dream of having a farm and doing the homestead thing became a reality in 1998 when we got our first 2 milk goats, then of course 2 goats turn into 6 and so on. It came time real quick for all these “girls” to start earning their keep. We started making soap and selling it to friends and family, then at garages sales, at the farmers market and craft shows. Our little soap operation has turned into quite the thing in this area, some of the old time farmers around here still wrinkle their nose and laugh at the thought of goat milk in soap but once they try it they’re hooked.About 2

All of our soaps are made here at the farm in small batches one at a time for quality control. We let the soaps cure

for about 4 to 6 weeks on racks, you should smell the curing room. We never test our products on animals only humans (us) and the neighbors that always volunteer.

There is nothing more rewarding to me than your own eggs, goat milk and cheese in the fridge, a store room full of canned and dried fruits and vegetables from your garden, and handmade goat milk soap on the shelf.

For more information on SoapyGoat.com or on our products, contact us by mail, email, or phone at:

Butter Sweet Farms
3327 F 5/8 Rd.
Clifton, CO 81520
Call 970-759-0378

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